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How to Protect Yourself When Grinding a Stump

old tree stump

Whether your tree has recently been damaged in a storm, is diseased or is simply unwanted, cutting it down is only part of the solution. The tree stump remains after the tree is removed. This can be a bothersome eyesore, and it may impair your ability to use your yard as desired. For example, you […]

Tips for How to Identify Problems With Trees

There are a few things you can do to assess the health of the trees on your property. It’s important that you know what to look out for and how to handle any issues. Look at the Base Go to the base of the tree and pull back any ground cover plantings. If you see […]

6 Essential Tools for Safe and Efficient Pruning and Trimming

forestry worker at work

Pruning can help promote the health and growth of your tree. However, you need the right tools, such as the ones listed below, for successful tree pruning and trimming. 1. Pole Pruner If some limbs are beyond your reach, and you want to trim them, look no further than a pole pruner. This essential tree-trimming […]

Safety Tips to Consider When Planting a Tree

Curious little boy helping his father to plant the tree while working together in the garden

One thing you’ll need to consider even before you buy a tree is safety. The sapling with the shallow root system that you bring home from the nursery and place right next to your house may grow into a 60-feet tall behemoth with a root system that’s as wide and deep as it is tall. […]