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Eastern Tree Pros is the best company to call for Greenville tree stump grinding.

You may believe that removing the tree will solve your problems, such as poor visibility or avoiding a potential hazard. However, if you leave the stump in its current state, insects or suckers may grow on it, causing additional subsurface damage. It not only leaves an unsightly lump of wood in the ground, but it also has an unappealing appearance and takes up unnecessary space in your yard.

If you need stump grinding in Greenville, call the experienced tree care experts at Eastern Tree Pros. As a result, your home’s appearance will improve, and you will have significantly more yard space. Call us today at (252) 360-1889 to schedule your appointment and let’s make your home look its best!

Why Should You Remove The Stumps?

If you leave the stumps in your yard, you may encounter a number of issues. The following issues may arise if you don’t use a stump grinding service in Greenville:

The area will look better if the stump is ground down. When you remove a stump, it’s like starting over with new landscaping.

Trees may sucker after being cut down, but this does not result in a viable new tree. If this occurs, the tree will produce shoots, which will eventually develop into branches that will require regular pruning until the tree dies.

Eastern Tree Pros also offers deadwood and sucker removal in these instances.

What Is The Difference Between Stump Grinding And Stump Removal?

The process of grinding tree stumps involves removing the stump from the ground while leaving the roots. In order to accomplish this task, a stump grinder will be required. One can get the desired level of stump height by reducing the height of the stump using a stump grinder. You have the option of having the stump ground down to a height that is either one inch or eighteen inches below the ground.

On the other hand, in order to only remove a stump, it is necessary to dig up the entire stump along with the tree’s roots. This process requires the utilization of robust machinery and equipment in addition to a significant amount of manual labor.

Stump grinding is a sufficient method for removing the problems that come with leaving the stump behind. It is also easier and causes less stress on your property. Leave it to Eastern Tree Pros in Greenville to take care of all your stump grinding needs!