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Greenville serves as Eastern North Carolina’s cultural, educational, economic, and medical epicenter. The Greenville Convention Center and East Carolina University both host top-notch events that are well worth your time. Visit the Uptown Greenville and Dickinson Avenue Districts to enjoy the thriving local art, live music, and dining scenes.

The city is a very beautiful place, lush with gorgeous trees and scenery. For those who want to make sure their trees remain healthy and happy, giving Eastern Tree Pros a call is the best decision they can make.

Contact Eastern Tree Pros whenever you require tree care assistance. We offer a wide variety of tree-related services in Greenville and the surrounding areas. You can rest assured that the work will be completed on time thanks to our team’s speed and effectiveness. When you need a tree service, you want the job done right to ensure the security of your family and your property.

If you care about the appearance of your trees and the safety of your home and family, you will appreciate the many services we offer. Get in touch with us at (252) 360-1889 today if you’re interested in learning more.

We frequently get calls from customers who need to have trees cut down for a variety of unavoidable reasons. The tree may have been harmed by vandals or suffered damage from a storm, making it unstable and likely to topple over. It’s probably best for the overall well-being of their property if they get rid of that tree, to avoid any potential damage to their home or cards.

For whatever reason, Eastern Tree Pros can swiftly and safely remove the tree, allowing you to reclaim your space safely.

Regular tree trimming and pruning is essential if you want to have trees that are not only healthy but also beautiful to look at.

The team at Eastern Tree Pros is well-versed in all of the various techniques for trimming and pruning, and they have the experience to know which ones are best suited for your trees.

The Greenville community is an important one for Eastern Tree Pros, and we are honored to serve it. This includes the numerous companies that contribute to the city’s thriving economy.

Our tree care professionals are able to modify our services to meet the requirements of businesses of any size, and they are happy to accommodate the timetable requirements of your company.

When you cut down a tree, you get rid of some problems, but not all of your issues. The last step, stump grinding, is meant to eliminate the possibility of regrowth or pest infestation.

Call Eastern Tree Pros if you need your stumps ground down in Greenville. You can have faith in choosing to work with us because we have all the resources necessary, the skills to put them to good use, and the service to back it up. We also cut down suckers and dispose of deadwood, making sure all of your worries are resolved!

There is always the chance that an accident can occur to one of your Greenville trees or something else may occur that is completely beyond your control. When that happens, we at Eastern Tree Pros are ready to assist you!

Please give us a call if a storm has caused damage to your property, if a tree has fallen on your house, or if you require immediate assistance for any reason. We are available 24/7 for all of your emergency tree care needs.