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Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning In Greenville, NC

Trees of all ages benefit from routine trimming and pruning as part of their care. While some homeowners may be tempted to do it themselves, doing so could lead to bigger problems down the road.

When you hire Eastern Tree Pros, our tree care specialists will assess your trees, ask you what aesthetic features are most important to you, and then make recommendations for how often and how much to trim and prune. To ensure that your property always looks its best, we provide professional tree trimming and pruning in Greenville, NC.

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Why Is Trimming And Pruning Important?

Trees are pruned and trimmed by homeowners for many reasons, including making the tree healthier, reducing the risk of injury from falling branches, and keeping the tree at a manageable height and width. Property owners in Greenville can trim and prune their trees to improve their property’s aesthetic value, increase visibility around their homes, and fix damage caused by severe weather, among other reasons.

Keeping trees pruned and trimmed is important for their overall health. Pruning and trimming your trees will make them healthier, more resistant to disease, and will ultimately save you time and energy. Get in touch with us right away to have our crew perform your next round of pruning and trimming in Greenville!

What Are The Most Common Forms Of Trimming And Pruning?

Different methods of tree trimming and pruning must be used depending on the species and the desired outcome. Eastern Tree Pros tree care experts can advise you on how to give your trees the care they require.

Our team may use the following techniques to improve the aesthetics of your garden:

Tree Cleaning

After a major storm, it may be necessary to trim the trees, but sometimes nature takes care of that for us. Still, one of the most important things you can do for the health of your trees is to perform routine maintenance. When cleaning, it is essential to remove any damaged, diseased, or dead branches that are hanging. Cleaning a tree improves its health, reduces the risk of injury from falling limbs and branches, and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your yard.

Crown Thinning

Trees whose crowns have been thinned benefit from enhanced airflow and light penetration. Even though thinning helps preserve the desired shape of the tree, it also reduces canopy coverage in areas where more sunlight is desired. As with other types of tree trimming in Greenville, NC, crown thinning is best left to professionals like Eastern Tree Pros, who can ensure the tree’s long-term health while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

Crown Reduction

When a tree’s crown is pruned, the entire crown is cut back, not just a few select branches. Crown reduction is by far the most extreme form of pruning, as it involves removing the entire top layer of foliage from the tree. If a tree is growing too close to a residence, garage, or other structure, the owner may decide to have it removed. Reducing a tree’s crown height can also reduce competition with neighboring trees.

Crown Raising

To train young trees to grow upward, the “crown raising” technique can be used. To increase the height of the crown, some of the lower branches must be removed. Crown raising is a common form of Greenville tree trimming and pruning used to make space for pedestrians and clear space around buildings. If you hire Eastern Tree Pros to care for your trees, we won’t remove too many branches at once, which can hinder the tree’s growth and weaken the trunk.

Trees in need of general maintenance will benefit greatly from the services of a professional tree trimming and pruning company. A tree’s roots’ ability to penetrate the soil and absorb nutrients is critical to its health and growth. Your trees will thrive and reach their full growth potential with the assistance of Eastern Tree Pros.