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Get in touch with Eastern Tree Pros if a tree is leaning dangerously toward your home, if a storm has already caused damage to your property, or if trees or branches have already fallen onto your property. We are available 24/7 to help with any urgent tree care you may require. Call us at (252) 360-1889 anytime, day or night, for our emergency tree service in Greenville, NC. We’re always here to help!

What is Considered an Emergency Service?

Tree or Branch Damage Caused By Weather

Storms can cause damage to your trees at any time of year. Greenville is no stranger to natural disasters such as thunderstorms, heavy rain, and snow. Weather, humidity, and lightning can all be destructive to trees and their branches. Branches can fall and damage your cars and home.

Trees can fall when their roots become exposed after rain washes away their silt. Storms and heavy winds can also cause damage to your trees. As a result of these factors, the tree may become twisted or even uprooted. Simply put, when a tree’s trunk cracks, the tree dies or topples over. This can cause a lot of problems for your property and put your home at risk.


If you are concerned that a tree on your property or the roots of that tree will damage a neighbor’s property, you should have the tree removed with Greenville emergency tree services. As opposed to ignoring the issue in the hopes that it will go away, it is preferable to deal with it as soon as possible. It’s not uncommon for the problem to worsen over time, resulting in costly repairs for both you and your neighbors. It just takes one bad storm to turn a small problem into a big problem.

A Tree Is Leaning To One Side

The tree could fall over if it is leaning, growing at an angle, or has split and has been uprooted. While you may feel safe now because the tree hasn’t fallen yet, you shouldn’t put yourself in possible harm’s way. Call Eastern Tree Pros immediately if you need an emergency tree service in Greenville to look at a leaning tree.

Branches Have Broken Off

In most cases, a broken tree limb can be removed by snipping it off with no lasting effects on the tree. However, a tree cannot survive without sufficient branches.

If you want to know how a tree will look, how healthy it is, and how stable it will be, look no further than the tree’s strongest and highest branch: its leader. A tree can’t produce enough leaves to make it through the winter after losing more than half of its branches.

Call Eastern Tree Pros in Greenville, NC for emergency tree care due to any of the above-mentioned problems. Even though a lack of branches may seem insignificant, you should have our experts look at these issues now before they get worse.

Your Home’s Structure Is Threatened By Roots and Branches

Remove any branches that could fall and cause injury or damage to your home’s roof, windows, or other parts of your property as soon as possible.

The same is true for tree roots that are close to your home. If tree roots cause patio stones and other hard surfaces to become loose, your home’s foundation could be jeopardized.

The Trees Appear Ill Or Diseased

Eventually, sick trees will become brittle and their branches will break off more easily, endangering your home and family.

When trees become infected with a disease, it can spread to other trees in the area. Our tree specialists will be able to take care of the removal of these hazardous trees without causing any harm to your other trees.

The insides of trees can be destroyed by insects, fungi, and other organisms. A Greenville emergency tree service, like Eastern Tree Pros, is your only hope for getting rid of a hazardous tree on your property.