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Situations When Tree Removal Is the Only Solution

When trees receive proper care, they can live for quite a while. However, there comes a time when tree removal is your only option for solving tree problems. The following situations require professional tree removal.


When a tree is decaying, its structural integrity is significantly compromised. It’s only a matter of time before it collapses and damages property or hurts people and pets. The following are signs that tree decay is present:

  • Vertical cracks in any part of the trunk
  • Open cavities or wounds
  • Severe trunk damage
  • Severely damaged bark from lightning strikes
  • Significant amounts of peeling bark

A Dead Tree

You must always have an arborist remove dead trees. Dead trees are dangerous because they can fall over without warning and cause major destruction. If the tree is near your home, the damage can be catastrophic if it falls. Your roof or the side of your home can be damaged significantly and cost thousands of dollars to repair. If people or animals are in the vicinity of the tree, injuries can be severe or even fatal if the tree collapses on them.

Even if the tree doesn’t fall, it can serve as a vector for spreading disease and infestations to healthy trees. A dead tree is the perfect breeding ground for diseases and pests to thrive.

The Tree Is Hollow

Hollow trees aren’t structurally sound. When a tree is hollow, it decays from the inside out. It’s also highly likely that animals and insects have made themselves at home inside the tree through holes that resulted from fallen branches or storm damage. Signs that a tree is hollow include a large hole in the trunk or hearing a hollow sound when you use a rubber mallet to tap on the tree. Of course, an arborist will be the best judge because they have special tools and experience to make a proper assessment.

Leave Tree Removal to the Professionals

You may think that you can acquire all the skills and experience you need to remove trees from your property by watching well-done DIY videos. However, no DIY video can provide you with the years of training and experience an arborist has since years of schooling and work under an apprenticeship are required before one can even receive a license. Additionally, arborists have special safety gear and equipment for safely removing trees, and they understand that one wrong move can prove deadly.

If you notice there are trees on your property that must be removed, don’t delay in calling for help. Contact Eastern Tree Pros in Greenville, NC for tree removal services today.