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Learn What Experts Say About Pruning Trees in the Fall

As fall approaches, homeowners begin cleaning up their landscapes and making winter preparations that include trimming perennials, picking up twigs, and removing fallen leaves. Some wonder if fall is a prime time for pruning trees. Experts say that no trees should be pruned in the fall, and here is why.

Pruning in the Fall Can Damage Trees

Pruning trees during the fall can be disastrous because it will weaken them. As trees shed their leaves, they are in the process of going dormant. Since pruning trees encourages new growth, they will not properly enter a dormant state. Trees will struggle to heal before the cold weather comes, and this can cause them to become diseased or decay. Some trees can die if they weaken too much.

Exceptions to the Rule

While fall is not the prime time for pruning trees, there are exceptions to this rule. Arborists say that it is fine to prune diseased or damaged limbs as well as dead wood. It is also permissible to remove any branches that will pose a danger to people or property.

What to Do Now

Arborists suggest that homeowners put their focus on raking up leaves and turning them into compost for the garden. Also, add layers of mulch to provide trees with a protective blanket during the winter months. This layer of mulch will keep soil temperatures constant and prevent damage to roots. Mulching will also help the soil maintain the proper amount of moisture. Take this opportunity to enrich the soil so trees can benefit from the nutrients when spring comes and it’s time for them to begin growing again.

The Best Time to Prune Trees

Tree care specialists always recommend pruning trees during the winter. Trees are dormant in winter, and this means that they will heal much quicker. Not to mention, harmful pathogens are less likely to spread. Pruning trees in the winter will set them up to grow more successfully in the spring.

Always Hire a Professional for Pruning Trees

Pruning trees is not a job for a lay person. Arborists possess the training and the experience to prune trees correctly. Most people will not have the necessary safety equipment and tools for the job, and they risk severely damaging or killing trees if they try to prune them haphazardly.

To set your trees up for success and ensure your landscape accentuates your Greenville, NC home, contact us at Eastern Tree Pros for trimming and pruning as well as year-round tree care. Our job is to make certain that your trees grow and thrive so they can continue to provide shade on hot days and enhance the aesthetics of your property.