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Tree stump in a coniferous forest

New Year – New Look: Remove Old Tree Stumps to Enhance Your Property

When a tree gets taken down or falls on its own, the stump can be left behind. Sometimes, having an old stump on your property doesn’t seem like an urgent matter. You might think that the tree stump can’t really cause any problems, but the reality is that it can. Keep reading to learn about some of the issues that tree stumps can lead to. After you realize the importance of stump grinding or removal, you might want to make this task part of your New Year’s resolutions.


The way a yard is landscaped can add a lot of value to a property. A manicured lawn, lovely trees, and a variety of vegetation can make a place look beautiful. An old tree stump can detract from all of that, acting as an eyesore. As we enter a new year, many people like to take the opportunity to clean up around their properties, and removing an old stump can be one way to enhance the appearance of your yard.

Keeping People Safe

A tree stump can pose a risk to anyone in your household and anyone who visits your place. Someone can trip over it, potentially getting hurt in the process. It can pose an obstacle when you’re doing work in the yard, which can be especially dangerous if you’re carrying any tools or are using machinery. Plus, a stump near a driveway can make it harder for drivers to maneuver safely on your property.

Protecting Surrounding Vegetation

It’s easy to assume that a tree stump is no longer active and can’t affect the vegetation around it. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. A stump has the potential to sprout up shoots. These shoots could actually grow pretty tall, but they might not be very attractive, so they’re often thought of as a nuisance. The roots attached to a stump can continue to spread out, and they could potentially affect existing plants and your lawn. In addition, an old stump can provide a welcoming home for pests and fungi. If pests and fungi thrive, they could start to invade neighboring areas and affect the health of any vegetation around the stump.

Take Care of an Old Stump

The time around the New Year is often filled with excitement. We have the opportunity to make changes and enhance ourselves and the things around us. When it comes to your yard, there may have been some tasks that you’ve been putting off. Now would be a great time to take action to improve the aesthetics of your property, to make things safer, and to protect surrounding vegetation by having a stump addressed. Call Eastern Tree Pros to schedule a stump grinding appointment in Greenville, NC.