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Grinding A Tree Trunk

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Grinding a Tree Stump in Summer

Stump grinding is hard, dangerous work in any season. However, it can prove especially challenging when the outside temperature soars. Grinding tree stumps in the summer months is a great way to reclaim outdoor space and keep people protected from trip-and-fall injuries. Read on to explore the benefits and drawbacks of summertime stump grinding.

Protect Your Underground Utilities

Contrary to popular belief, cut trees aren’t always dead. If you have tree stumps that are still alive, their roots may be fast-growing. During the warmer months of the year, invasive stump roots can flourish. If you don’t grind your tree stumps up now, their roots could encroach upon your sewer line or other underground utilities.

Reduce the Risk of Termite Infestations

If you’re worried about termites, stump grinding is an important part of your ongoing pest prevention. Stump grinding eliminates viable sources of wood cellulose and gives these invasive insects less reason to congregate in your yard.

Prevent Injury

Whether flush with the ground or protruding, tree stumps can cause dangerous trip-and-fall accidents and many serious injuries. Grinding stumps up before someone gets hurt can help you avoid costly liability issues and trips to the emergency room.

Free Up Usable Space for Outdoor Activities

If you plan on installing an above-ground swimming pool, play structure, or other recreational equipment, it’s important to get rid of dangerous tree stumps first. Stump grinding will create a flat, level surface that simplifies these installations and supports their long-term safety and success.

If you love working in your yard and want to plant warm-season varietals, stump grinding will give you more room to expand your garden. It will also keep your flowers, plants, and vegetables from being choked by still-growing tree stump roots.

Stump Grinding Can Be Messy and Labor Intensive

Stump grinding can leave lawns littered with wood chips and sawdust. If it isn’t done thoroughly or correctly, it can also leave many tiny, sharp protrusions. You can create a pristine and easy-to-navigate landscape by outsourcing this work to seasoned professionals.

It’s also a laborious job, especially if you lack the right tools. Not only is it inherently dangerous due to the use of sharp and fast-moving tools, but it can also lead to overheating. Fortunately, you don’t have to grind your stumps ill-equipped or on your own. With professional stump grinding services, you can get rid of these eyesores without breaking a sweat.

With stump grinding experts on the job, the benefits of summertime stump grinding far outweigh the drawbacks. You can clear your land, protect residents and guests, and keep your underground utilities safe. For quality stump grinding in Greenville, NC, contact Eastern Tree Pros today.