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4 Ways Planting Trees Improves Property Value

Trees aren’t only visually pleasing and a great source of shade on a hot day, but they can also be helpful in increasing your property value. Trees increase property value in four key ways.

1. Mature Trees Attract Tenants and Buyers

There are many studies that have been conducted over the years that prove that mature trees, along with some good landscaping, will add value to a home. Even young and healthy trees can increase property value. Trees have been known to increase the value of residential properties by 7% and building lots by 18%.

2. Trees Can Reduce Crime

A book titled “The Experience of Place: A New Way of Looking at and Dealing With our Radically Changing Cities and Countryside” written by Tony Hiss states that planting trees increases a sense of community, enables residents to get along better with their neighbors, and feel calmer over all. Hiss also writes that neighborhoods where there are many trees and plenty of green space have been shown to experience a significant decrease in domestic violence, along with other crime.

3. Trees Reduce Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can substantially reduce the value of a home. For example, an article on UpNest titled “How Does Road Noise Affect Home Value?” states that a home that’s valued at $500,000 will decrease by as much as $40,000 if there’s too much noise pollution. Large trees are instrumental in reducing noise. North Carolina State University conducted a study that proves that trees can reduce noise pollution by as much as 40%. If you strategically plant trees around your property’s parameter, you can create a tranquil environment that will, in turn, make your home more attractive to tenants and buyers.

4. Trees Save on Energy Costs

Houses that are designed to help save on energy costs are attractive to buyers. For example, technology-enabled homes command a higher price because they’re known to help reduce energy costs. Smart homes aren’t the only properties that are energy-efficient. Houses that have sufficient tree cover are major energy savers because sufficient tree cover can provide up to 50% of energy savings. Trees help shade a house from the sun. enabling residents to run their air conditioning systems less often. During the winter, trees provide a buffer from strong winds, so residences will be warmer and furnaces won’t be needed as much.

Whether you want to eventually rent or sell your home, adding some trees to your property can increase its value and maximize your profits. If you already have trees on your land, take measures to make sure they’re at their best health. Trees need to be routinely maintained by a licensed tree care specialist. A licensed arborist can trim and prune your trees at appropriate times of the year to ensure they continue to thrive. If you don’t have any trees, work with a tree care specialist to plant some. If you reside in Greenville, NC and want some help increasing your property’s value, contact Eastern Tree Pros today.