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Someone cutting down the branches of a tree

Signs That Indicate Your Tree Needs Pruning

There are several benefits to living near trees, including protection from the heat throughout warmer months and the opportunity to observe the fall coloration of the leaves. Despite being visually pleasing, they do require some care and maintenance. Proper pruning is essential for the health of your trees, safeguarding your property, and reducing costs. Here are some signs that indicate you need to get your trees pruned.

Weakened Branches

Several changes can occur to your trees if they become infested by pests or illnesses. Before the death of the limbs or branches, you might be capable of finding a solution, but you might still need to address the weak stems. It can be the ideal time to clip your trees if you discover that they readily bend or split. Feeble limbs are more likely to fragment and cause injuries to others if you leave them on the tree. Cutting the branches helps avoid accidents and promotes new formation for healthier limbs.

Power Lines

A potential fire hazard presents if branches of your trees reach nearby powerlines. A boost of energy from a lightning strike can cause electricity to flare out from a power line to close-by trees. Any person or structure caught in its path could get electrocuted and set on fire. This scenario is an extreme and dangerous circumstance that can get easily avoided by restricting the length of your tree branches.

Traversing Branches

Crossed branches are an obvious sign that pruning is needed. If ignored, inverted branches can cause significant harm to trees. Many activities, even a light breeze, will cause them to rub against one another. The wood beneath is forced open by friction, and the resulting wound will most frequently get followed by deterioration and illness. In the most threatening scenarios, all the tree parts will start rotting and need to get cut down.

Contorted Trees

A tree with a peculiar growth pattern may amuse you, but the distortion may not be best for your foliage. Twisted trees have unstable weight distribution because they develop in the wrong direction, expanding outward rather than upward. Tree branches with these structural issues pose the risk of falling and causing property damage. However, pruning promotes new growth, and regular shaping prevents a tree from expanding more quickly than it ought to.

Sick or Lifeless Limbs

You will need to cut off the dying or diseased limbs to maintain the healthiness of your trees. If you do not catch the illness early and take quick action, it can spread to other parts and encourage additional harm. You can spot these if you have branches without leaves while others have green leaves. Additionally, you will notice that the bark has significantly peeled off, revealing smooth wood beneath. Not pruning your tree after seeing undesirable characteristics can permit the disease to spread quickly and even kill your tree.

If you find it challenging to determine the condition of trees in your yard, please get assistance from a skilled tree specialist. Contact Eastern Tree Pros today to get the tree pruning you need in Greenville, NC.