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Help Your Trees Bear More Fruit With Professional Tree Pruning

Pruning tree with pruning saw

Tree pruning is an essential procedure for maintaining the health of fruit-bearing trees. Harvesting fruit from trees is an admirable goal, but pruning services are necessary to get the highest quality and greatest yield. By selecting specific branches to remove, you will increase sunlight exposure and air circulation. This contributes to healthy trees that bear […]

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Grinding a Tree Stump in Summer

Grinding A Tree Trunk

Stump grinding is hard, dangerous work in any season. However, it can prove especially challenging when the outside temperature soars. Grinding tree stumps in the summer months is a great way to reclaim outdoor space and keep people protected from trip-and-fall injuries. Read on to explore the benefits and drawbacks of summertime stump grinding. Protect […]

Learn the Basics of Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Machine

If you have unsightly tree stumps on your property, grinding them down can be a great way to improve the way things look. In addition, it can reduce the likelihood of pests coming near your home and reduce safety hazards in your yard. Stump grinders are so effective because they use powerful rotating blades to […]

Steps to Take Before Planting Trees in Your Landscape

planting tree in garden. concept save world green earth

Planting trees is a rewarding experience for homeowners and the environment. However, planting trees is not as simple as simply digging a hole and putting a tree in it. Proper preparation is essential for the tree’s long-term health and growth. Some prepping tips before planting trees include: Selecting the Right Tree Selecting the right tree […]

Signs That Indicate Your Tree Needs Pruning

Someone cutting down the branches of a tree

There are several benefits to living near trees, including protection from the heat throughout warmer months and the opportunity to observe the fall coloration of the leaves. Despite being visually pleasing, they do require some care and maintenance. Proper pruning is essential for the health of your trees, safeguarding your property, and reducing costs. Here are […]

Protecting Your Winter Trees From Varmints

Tree Hugging - Love Nature - Child Hug The Trunk With Red Heart Shape

It may indeed be a hard world for little things, especially in winter, but that doesn’t mean you should let rodents and deer gnaw on the bark of your trees when they’re hungry. Gnawing on bark can girdle the tree, which means that a circle or circles of outer and inner bark are chewed away. […]